“ARHING inženjering” exists since 1990. Continuously operating in practice, which resulted in the realization of over 100 objects of various purposes. Realizing the reality of all the parameters of the environment in which it is created, the result is the acceptance of our design concept with respect. Understanding the investor and his needs leads to a positive interaction in the design process, because we are aware of the fact that usable space is a generator of architectural creativity.
Participation in competitions resulted with the realization of several significant buildings. Awards and recognitions, which have come as a result of dedicated work, are encouraging, but we are also aware that they are binding. Understanding architecture as a sublime act of creation “from nothing” into something material and usable, we always want to add something new to what has already been seen through the research process. What has been “already seen” and encountered tends to be transposed through the prism of the present time and contemporary needs.
This is how an architecture of continuity is created, which consciously resists the globalization of everything that exists. From such an attitude, we strive to create architecture with character, a sublimated life experience in which the collective unconscious is recognized with complex habits, topos and civilizational deposits that give a stamp to every environment. 

Today, in addition to associate engineers, our team consists of architects with experience as well as a young team:

Phd Rifat Alihodžić, grad.arch. Professor

Born in Berane in 1956. Finished high school in Bijelo Polje. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo. The title of Master of Technical Sciences acquired at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, majoring in “Architectural Composition”. Earned the title of Doctor of Technical Sciences, in the field of architecture and urban planning, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences – Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in Novi Sad. Theoretical research is focused on perceptual processes in architecture and architectural composition.

He got his first job at the Institute for Urban Planning and Design in Bijelo Polje. Own project office “ARHING inženjering” started in 1990. Professor at the University of Montenegro since 2008.

In his professional practice, he realized over a hundred buildings, of which five according to the first-prized competition solutions.

Two realized objects were published in eminent, international magazines for realized architectural works. The magazine Word Architecture, in the thematic issue dedicated to funeral architecture, included the chapel building in Bijlo Polje among thirteen buildings of its kind from around the world. Winner of the prestigious award “Borba” for the best realized architectural work in Montenegro in 1990, the third award at the international salon of urbanism in Niš in 2011, the award “CEMEX” in 2014. at the state level. In 2018, received the first prize at the state and the third prize “CEMEX” at the international level in Mexico. Nominated twice for the international, prestigious “Mies Van de Rohe Award for Architecture Barcelona”.

  • With his work, according to the nomination of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, represented Montenegro at the XII International Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2010 (one of the three exhibited projects).
  • The role of Commissioner of the national exhibition at the XIII International Architecture Biennale in Venice, entrusted by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro in 2012.
  • Exhibited, as chosen by the selection jury, at the East Centric Architecture Triennale in Bucharest in 2013 and 2016.
  • Participant of five architecture salons, according to the decisions of the selection jury, in Belgrade.
  • Participant of five architecture salons of the Association of Architects of Montenegro, Podgorica.
  • Author of the exhibition of Montenegrin recent architecture “GO BEYOND” 2006-2016, Podgorica in 2016.
  • One of the four equal authors of the exhibition of Montenegrin vernacular architecture in Beijing in 2016 and in Cetinje in 2017.
  • Author of a large number of scientific works, one book and one monograph published by the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.
  • One of the authors of four monographs of international importance.
  • Guest editor of the magazine AR of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana (AR 2017/1).
  • Teaching assistant at the faculties of architecture in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Ankara (METU) and Bari (Polytechnic).
  • From 2008-2012, served as president of the Association of Architects of Montenegro.
  • Regular member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Montenegro since 2008.
  • Member of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

M.sc ELVIRA MUZUROVIĆ grad.arch.

Born in 1984 in Podgorica. Earned the title of architectural engineer at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sarajevo in 2006. Defended master’s thesis in 2008 also at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sarajevo under the mentorship of Proffesor M.Sc. Ognjenka Finci. In the same year, started internship at the “ARHINGinženjering” studio. As an architect, worked on complex tasks of architectural design and professional supervision of building construction.

  • Member of the Montenegrin team at the XII Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2010.
  • Participant of four Montenegrin Architecture Salons since 2014.
  • Author of the publication: “City Multiethnic Info House” Podgorica, 2015 (Cataloging in the publication, National Library of Montenegro, Cetinje)
  • As a member of the “Metamorphosis” team, she won the first prize at the international urban planning and architectural competition at the site of the tailings of the former mine in Mojkovac, under the auspices of UNDP organization in Montenegro. Characterized as a high-quality solution by the former Ministry of Montenegro, this project was proposed and exhibited as one of three projects at the XII Biennale of World Architecture in Venice in 2010.
  • As part of the team, the winner of the second prize at the International competition for the conceptual architectural solution of the Administrative building for the needs of the Municipality of Zeta /Montenegro/ in 2022.

The result of many years of practice and research in the field of Interior design, in addition to a significant number of interior projects, through product design furniture, is a collection of armchairs as a transformation of our traditional through contemporary: “Warmthofstainless” / ALTA DESIGN 2017, and the collection of lamps “Light me UP” in 2018. The collections were presented as part of the exhibition “On Architecture / New Materials and Design in Architecture and Art, STRAND Belgrade, 2019.

JASMINA SALKOVIĆ spec.sci.arch

Born in 1987. in Niš. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica. Started practice in the architectural bureau “ARHINGinženjering” in 2011, where she still works. In the period between 2014-2016, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica. Part of the ALTA DESIGN team, within which she signs the “Hang in/Hang out” collection. As part of ARHING, signs a significant number of projects and participates in several international and national competitions.

Prizes and awards:

  • Award of the University of Montenegro “, for the academic year 2007/08.
  • Student award “December 19” of the Capital City of Podgorica for 2009
  • 2011. First prize at the student competition for the conceptual architectural-urban design of the central zone of Žabljak, author team: Gordana Rovčanin, Davor Raspopović, Miloš Ostojić, Milan Milić, Čvoro Vuk
  • 2013. Second prize at the competition for the conceptual solution for the creation of the sculpture “Zero Kilometer” in Bar, author team: Gordana Rovčanin, Mirza Mulić
  • Second prize for Zone 1 and Zone 2 at the international competition for the urban-architectural solution for Pristan, Ulcinj, author team: Jelena Rabrenović, Branko Lutovac, Gojko Mitrović
  • Author of the installation of the Traditional Exhibition of the students of the Faculty of Architecture, with the support of the TEMPUS project and the Museum and Gallery of Podgorica, as part of the December Days of Culture in 2014, Co-authors: Jelena Rabrenović, Branko Lutovac
  • Organization of several student workshops within the Tempus project DAPEEWB on the topic of energy efficiency.
  • Collaborator on the project Conceptual solution of the city’s multi-ethnic info house, fund for the protection and realization of minority rights in Montenegro. publication author: MSc Muzurović Elvira, d.i.a.
  • 2016. Award of the II Montenegrin Salon of Architecture in the Project category, for the conceptual urban-architectural solution of Eco village Andrijevica, author team: Jelena Rabrenović, Branko Lutovac, Gojko Mitrović.
  • 2020. 3rd place at the International competition for conceptual urban planning – architectural solution for arranging the bed and banks of the Morača River, author team: Branko Rabrenović, Dušan Vlahović


Born in 1997 in Cetinje. He completed his basic studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica in 2018. Through the professional training program, he worked as an architect in the Royal Theater “Zetski dom”, in parallel with the Specialist Studies, which he will finish in 2019. Since 2019, employed in the “ARHINGinženjering” studio. As an architect, he worked on complex tasks of architectural design and expert supervision. Participant of the “100 Jahre Bauhaus” exhibition as part of the team of the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica. Winner of several awards at national and international competitions.

RAFET ALIHODŽIĆ grad. civil eng.

SAJO KOLIĆ grad.el.eng.

Through our studio, a large number of architects and engineer associates gained practice:

Ideja Kasumović, grad.arch.

Darka Slavković civil. tech.

Fuad Šabović grad.arch.

Sekule Damjanović civil.eng.

Petar Rahović grad.arch.

Imer Franca spec.sci.arh. 

Mirza Mulić spec.sci.arh.

Phd Gordana Rovčanin Premović spec.sci.arch.

The professional training program was carried out by students of architecture:

Elzana Husović

Milena Raičević

Kenan Spahić

Demir Redžić

Veljko Vulanović

Medina Ćatović

Mirko Popović

Irina Damjanović

Selma Bulić

Alden Bajramspahić

Emir Ljaljević

Nikola Bulatović

Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee
Od Spomena do Zaborava: Spomenik na Barutani, arh.Svetlana Radević
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee
Od Spomena do Zaborava: Spomenik na Barutani, arh.Svetlana Radević



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